ILO-ICS Learning Webinar «Saving jobs and enterprises: Restructuring during COVID-19»

ICS organized a webinar to share the learnings from the International Labour Organization on “Restructuring during COVID-19”.

The webinar was held on July 23rd 2020 with the objective to deepen understanding of the relevant principles of international labour standards which can help guide company operations during COVID-19, particularly around how to balance saving jobs and enterprises.

The following key questions were addressed:

  • What can companies do to avoid the need for restructuring?
  • If restructuring is necessary, what are the key principles in international labour standards and the ILO MNE Declaration to keep in mind?
  • What can a company do to support business partners who may be under serious financial difficulty facing difficult decisions in its supply chain?
  • What works and what are the lessons from company practices?

The recording of the entire webinar can be seen below:

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