Our Story

ICS is a France-based initiative created in 1998 by the FCD, Fédération Française du Commerce et de la Distribution, so celebrating its twentieth year in 2018!

ICS member brands and retailers work together since its foundation to sustainably improve conditions for people at work, and responsibly support their supplying factories to implement progress and compliance. ICS enables its member companies to collaborate with common tools, to mutualize audits, contributing to the reduction of the ‘audit fatigue’ and share knowledge and best practices.

This joint approach is guided by the framework defined by the International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions, the universal Human rights principles and local social regulations. ICS members verify the actual working conditions in their supplying production sites by mandating ICS-accredited audit companies to conduct social audits. After the assessment, ICS members engage with the audited factories to implement the defined corrective action plans.