ICS-ITC Event on Promoting Transparency and Traceability in Global Supply Chains

ICS in collaboration with the ITC organized a joint online event on March 12th to discuss the main issues at stake in the area of compliance and sustainability, due diligence, and cross-cutting challenges for transparency in global value chains. Participants around the world connected online to follow the event and listen to speakers’ rich and lively debate on sustainability and transparency in global value chains. The speakers came from different backgrounds including institutional representatives, unions, NGOs, initiatives and members of the private sector.

The program of the event was the following:

  1. Transparency and Traceability in global value chains, what does it take?
  2. Tools and methodologies to mainstream transparency and traceability
  3. Multi-stakeholders partnerships: from coordination to implementation
  4. Stakeholders mapping in global value chains

Click here to access the PDF of presentations of the panelists.

The star of the event, Sustainability Map platform, was presented as well. The platform was created by ITC who is collaborating with ICS for its development and pilot in the textile and garment sector. The platform enables users, regardless of their position in the value chain, to better understand the sustainability landscape and to connect with business partners to increase transparency and traceability.