ICS Participation in the Global Deal Social Dialogue Forum

The Global Deal organised a forum on social dialogue from 11-14 October 2021. The Forum brought together a wide range of policy makers, practitioners, and experts in social dialogue to explore how a strong process of dialogue, consultation and negotiation between or among social partners and governments can help in addressing the longer term issues brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The past few months have demonstrated that social dialogue is an efficient tool to deal with the multiple challenges that have arisen because of the crisis. It has played a key role in maintaining jobs despite a sudden collapse in demand, and in contributing to safer and better protected workplaces against COVID-19. The Forum featured high-level panel discussions, as well as sessions led by Global Deal partners on specific topics such as skills development, decent work, social partner agreements, access to social protection, and social dialogue and Artificial Intelligence.

ICS participated in the session on “Emerging stronger from the COVID-19 crisis”, organised by its partner the International Trade Centre (ITC).

The detailed agenda can be found here.